Learn. Imagine. Focus. Transform.

LIFT-UP the creative and innovative ability of your teams.

The LIFT-UP approach for organisations redefines the notion of Creativity & Innovation typically used in business by bringing life, people and meaning back into the process.

Our unique program helps teams acquire the skills and motivation to become more open, more imaginative and more innovative in their thinking – while being more sensitive to the needs of customers and society.

All our workshops are tailored to your organization’s needs. We offer a wide range of topics to help you build a Culture of the Possible at all levels of your organization. Here are some of the topics we cover:

Creativity & Innovation Workshop – Fondation

This introductory 2 day workshop uses the unique L.I.F.T. Creativity Methodology to help the participants better understand the creative process while learning to think in more imaginative and intuitive ways. We demystify the creative process, encourage the adoption of creative attitudes and introduce idea-spurring techniques to break-free from traditional thinking. The workshop is practical and the learning is applicable straight away.

Creativity & Innovation Workshop - Advanced

In this advanced 2-day workshop we will push further the creative abilities of participants by engaging in Radical Creativity and Disruptive innovation. We will keep using the L.I.F.T. creative process, but this time we will explore groundbreaking ways to re-invent a product or services as a way to create massive and positive change in the market and society at large. More breakthrough creative techniques will be presented and the participants will walk away feeling invigorated with a brave and adventurous mindset – they will truly become change agents for themselves and their company. As with all our workshops, the learning is practical applicable straight away.

Creative PLUG-IN Workshops

These original sessions explore specific topics linked to the development of a Culture of Creativity in organizations. These “Plug-In” sessions are designed to complement and expand our two main workshops (see above). We currently offer 4 “Plug-In” Workshops:

  • The Leadership of Creativity – learn to unleash the creative potential of your teams.
  • Preparing and Leading a successful Ideation Session – learn to organize and facilitate simple yet productive idea generation sessions.
  • Successfully Pitching your brilliant ideas – learn to present innovative ideas to your senior management or to external investors.
  • Storytelling in Business – learn to share ideas in an engaging, authentic and meaningful way to any audience.

Ideation Event

At times, it is not training that your organization needs, it is a live Creative Workshop in which your teams generate ideas and original concepts to address a real work-related challenge. In this event our LIFT-UP facilitators will guide the creative process to inspire and ignite a group to generate tons of original ideas and turn those into ground-breaking solution concepts.

IMG_5235For these larger events we often work with Graphic Recording Artists that have the incredible ability to visually document the process, the conversations and the ideas in a meaningful yet elegant way. Our partner of choice for this artistic work is Housatonic Design Network based in Bologna, Italy.

Keynotes & Speeches – Hurraw!

We would be delighted to speak at your conference, meeting or congress on topics related to Creativity, Transformation, Innovation and the human desire to be inspired and enlightened. We all seek to build a better life and a better world. And as such, Creativity is an essential component of any movement that seeks to re-invent how we live and work. We’d love to entertain your audience about these great themes!