Real Stories. Visual Poetry. Deep Inspiration.

Inspiring Creativity and Transformation through the power of films.

Movies have an unrivalled capacity to tell stories that touch the heart and inspire the soul. Films can act as powerful catalyst of transformation by replacing fear, powerlessness and anger by courage, confidence and joy.

We produce inspirational short documentaries that are visually poetic, intensely intimate and profoundly authentic. Our films are designed to share uplifting stories about real people to encourage the viewers to boldly engage in a creative transformation adventure of their own.

We also occasionally screen the films of other independent filmmakers who share our view of transformation and whose films can inspire the viewers to change their lives and contribute to positive social change.

Creative Lifestyles – The Portrait Series

This series of short films – directed and produced by filmmaker Bruno Poirier – presents the portrait of 6 fascinating individuals from all walks of life who have built a unique lifestyle in which creativity, freedom and self-expression is a centre piece. In their different ways they are united by a common desire to feel free and alive, while contributing to the greater good. Their stories act a reminder that no matter what we do in life there is nothing more important than listening to our inner voice, pursuing our creative dreams and turning them into reality.

You can view the films below or go to the vimeo page of LIFT-UP:

This is the short prologue to the Creative Lifestyles Film Series created by filmmaker Bruno Poirier. This series is composed of 6 intimate docu-portraits of 6 individuals who all lead a creative and fulfilling life. We hope the series will inspire you to unleash your creative potential!

An intimate portrait of a magazine publisher who is using her creative drive and energy to create a board sports magazine that introduces deeply moving stories about freedom, love and nature. Her touching story reminds us about the importance of authenticity, creativity and responsibility as each of us aspire to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

An intimate docu-portrait of the Communication Director of a large organisation who in parallel to his professional activities invests his creative energy and talents in writing novels, poetry and plays, as well as being an actor and theater director. His testimony talks about how he has found a healthy balance between his professional career and his creative passions. Note: This film is in French.

An intimate docu-portrait of a young Swiss graphic designer seamlessly blending his passion for surfing, nature and design into a unique creative lifestyle where the ultimate goal is to feel free and alive. His powerful story reminds us that no matter what we do in life, there is nothing more important than pursuing our dreams and turning them into reality.

An intimate docu-portrait of a young woman who has used her creative energy and artistic talents to heal her life, connect deeply with who she truly is and share her story to the world. Her story reminds us that no matter how difficult things may seem in our life our inner voice will always guide us in the right direction.

An intimate portrait of a chemist turn entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of clean production in the high-end sports clothes and apparel. His story reminds us about the importance of aligning one’s values to one’s work. His story also highlights the joy one can derive from doing work which is creative and meaningful – work in which we can express the best of who we are.

This is an intimate docu-portrait of a young athlete who became handicapped after a snowboard accident. He has become an entrepreneur and is the founder of the project “Swiss Recovery Center”. His touching story reminds us that with our inner strength we can overcome any obstacles.

This is the short film that concludes the Creative Lifestyles Series. It shows the 6 people whose portrait was done as their life goes on. It is an invitation for the viewer to go into “action mode” and invent their own creative lifestyle and turn their dreams into reality.