Clearly we live in a period of massive change. Millions of people around the world aspire to a new way of working and living. New values and aspirations are emerging and as a result the existing social structures, inherited from the industrial revolution, don’t seem to fit anymore.

This creates a huge momentum for transformation at all levels of society. We believe that a positive, inspiring and creative approach to individual, organisational and social transformation can help unleash this powerful energy of renewal.
There is an urgent need to imagine a better future and a path to get there. We believe that love, imagination and inspiration will help in sketching a new vision of society and will also contribute to defining harmonious steps to get there.

Combining individual and social transformation is key to a successful renewal of our society. It is an illusion to think that the world can change while we, as individuals, remain in our comfort zone and refuse to boldly engage in our own personal transformation.

LIFT-UP is an artistic, educational and social project that aims to lift-up, encourage and inspire the creative forces of transformation so that we can all accelerate the renewal of our lives and of our society. Our activities are all forged with a seamless blend of filmmaking, workshops, talks and active events.  We wish to promote a positive view of our collective future and we wish to share practical ways in which we can all contribute to a deep renewal of ourselves and of our world. In short, at LIFT-Up our work can be defined as Creativity & Transformation Activism.

To LIFT-UP means to boost the forces of creative transformation;
To LIFT-UP means to bring-up optimism, inspire action and brighten our perception of current events;
To LIFT-UP means to elevate the vision of what we – individually and collectively – can aspire to become in the future;

To LIFT-UP means to move to a higher level of consciousness as we transform our personal lives and society.


The name LIFT-UP is actually an acronym of 7 words which together make-up our set of Values : LOVE – IMAGINATION- FREEDOM – TRANSFORMATION – stillness – UNITY- PEACE.

Taking this concept one step further, these 7 values can be formulated as a list of 7 actions to be taken by anyone who wants to engage in a successful transformation process:

  • Rekindle your LOVE of Life
  • Reignite your IMAGINATION
  • Reconquer your FREEDOM
  • Reengage in your TRANSFORMATION
  • Rediscover the (stillness)
  • Recompose your UNITY
  • Reconnect with your inner PEACE

The Team

Bruno Poirier – Founder of the LIFT-UP Project

Bruno always believed in the power of ideas to “change the world” and has always been fascinated by the creative process. He believes the time is ripe for radically innovative visions of humanity’s future and for ways by which these can be put in place. LIFT-UP is Bruno’s latest initiative in which he integrates under the same “banner” his filmmaking activities, his workshops for individual transformation and his innovation workshops for corporate clients.

Bruno began his career in marketing before becoming a consultant in Creative Thinking. He has ran hundreds of workshops for a large range of clients in more than 20 countries. Bruno is Canadian and now lives near Lausanne, Switzerland. He works in both French and English. He has a B. Com in Marketing from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and a MBA from IMD in Lausanne Switzerland.

Bruno has pursued his passion for filmmaking with increasing intensity. He studied filmmaking a the New York Film Academy in New York City, the Banff Center in Canada and he attends filmmaking workshops whenever he can – usually at the London Film School in the UK. Bruno is a member of GATE (The Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment) based in Los Angeles.